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The Mayan Calendar Part II


The Tun (360 days) and Tzolkin (260 days) calendars do not correspond to any observable orbital frequencies. This is because these calendars are not geared to physical cycles as most earth calendars have traditionally been. Our Gregorian calendar for example is based on the roation of our planet around the sun. The Julian calendar, the Maya Haab calendar as well as the ancient egyptian civil calendar all do the same measure. This is a very local effect and of not much consequence to the rest of the solar system, not to mention the rest of the galaxy. Limied effect means limited use.

The Maya calendar system does not suffer this limitation. The Tun calendar of 360 days is the Macro-Cosmic time scale of evolution. It is knwn as the Divine Calendar. As any cycle can be divided into 360 equal degrees and describes the divine order of creation in cycles so does this calendar. It was used as a prophetic calendar to determine what types of reality would be available at any given time.

The Tzolkin or 260 day calendar is the Micro-Cosmic time scale. This is the astrologicial or personal calendar having to do with day to day life here on earth. What Dr. Carl Calleman, a biochemical engeer from Swedon has succeeded in discovering is the purpose of the Prophetic Mayan calendar system. His discovery is that all of history and prehistory, all the way back 15 billion years to the Big Bang, has unfolded or occurred on the timing of these Maya calendars.Simply by laying the dates of important developments of our evolution alongside the Mayan calendars, a pattern emerges. At each shift of the Maya calendar in time scale, there were major advancements or catastrophes in our evolutionary path. My the way, it does no one anygood to merely believe that last statement. Understanding this is the only basis from which you can open the Portal of Intuition. The understanding takes looking for your self, not believing myself or anyone else.

The Mayan calendars are built in 9 levels or 9 major stages of evolutionary development. The longest and stillrunning cycle has been 15 billion years long. It's product was the living cell, so it is called the Cellular Cycle. The next cycle of evolutionary development was the Mammalian Cycle, ( first animals) which started some 820 million years ago. We began the 7th. level, the Galatic Cycle, on Jan.5th., 1999.

Each of the 9 levels is sub-divided into 13 waves, 7 peaks of light and 6 troughs of dark. Each succeeding level is 20 times shorter than the previous level. In effect the frequency of the 13 waves increases dramatically from one cycle to the next. Evolution has a built-in acceleration factor of 20 to the 9th. power. For those of you who have had the perception that time is speeding up, you are correct. Starting from a pure static 15 billion years ago, there has been an incredibly slow but steady acceleration. Just as it is impossible for us to relate to absolute stillness, (astro-physists clock you moving at somewhere around 630,000 miles per hour sitting in your chair,) we cannot imagine the rate we will be moving in during the next 10 years.

While there are many avenues to explore using these recent discoveries, concerning the nature of reality and the possibility of actuality steering our destiny, I want to bring up one very important point. Consciousness is speeding up. This, as do all changes, brings both good news and bad news. I'm going to give you the good news first and the bad isn't so bad after all. First, if everything is happening quicker and more is occurring in each and every second than ever before, then necessarily more and more must be possible. This means that all of your dreams can and will come true in the next few years. Watch what you ask for.

Lets do a mental demonstration. Think of a line of standing dominos, go ahead and push the first one over. That was fun. Each domino took some time to lean over and knock over the next and then the next and so on. Now hold a deck of playing cards in your mind's eye, bend them and spray them all out into the air and onto the floor. That was a lot faster wasn't it? And many more random possibilities occurred didn't they? This is a simple demonstration of the way that the creation of moments is accelerating. The more that happens in each second the more elastic reality becomes.

Another example-Can anything break the cosmic speed limit of 186,000 miles per second? For weeks scientific circles have been buzzing about an experiment that pulsed light through a special chamber so fast that it left the apparatus before it fully entered it. Now the research has been released at last and the experimenters saytheir findings contradict no laws of physics, just the misconceptions people have about them.

SPEEDING UP A LIGHT WAVE-Lijun Wang, Alexander Kuzmich and Arthur Dogariu used a different kind of exotic medium in their experiment: The researchers used lasers to "pump" cesium atoms contained in a 6-centimeters (2.4-inch) chamber, to an excited state that doesn't occur naturally. Because of this shift, the pulse popped up on the other side of the chamber far sooner than it should have, based on the speed of light in a vacuum. In fact the time difference, 62-billionths of a second, meant that the peak of the pulse appeared on the far side of the chamber. That's an instance of what's known as "negative delay" or "negative velocity," a phenomenon that seems paradoxical. It was almost as if the light wave could figure out on the basis of the very beginning of the pulse, how to reconstruct the full peak on the other side. This isn't the first time researchers have made light waves travel "faster than light," but it's the most clear cut case. There are many misconceptions to go around but look at what was just possible.

The entire experiment took less than 3 millionths of a econd. Particles appeared before they were sent. Are you getting this? The closer creation moments are stacked together, the more possibilities there are. The acceleration of creation will continue. This actually means that at sometime in the near future, probably Oct. 28, 2011, end of the Mayan calendar, EVERYTHING will happen at once. The llusion of time will be evaporated. That's why the calendar more time. Great! We all get home for Christmas! WELL, THAT'S THE GOOD NEWS.

Next issue the final part of the Mayan Calendar. These are the writings of Ian Lungold. Copyright by Ian Lungold. To return to the front page of Spirit Quest SQ