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Blue Star's Further LINKS To Eternity-A Soul DIRECTORY
So, we now continue on our sojourn into the vast reaches of unlimited knowledge in order to ascertain which segment of potential data can and will provide for you ones, the tools to enhance yourself and bring forth into the world of manifestation and materialization, all that you need to know.

Fear not, for nothing untoward awaits you within this domain, all has been checked and double checked to ensure that your visit may remain carefree and informative.
Now, without further ado, do as you will, for you have arrived in the right place, at the right time.



The Third Circle-"a beautiful compilation of the infinite and the quest for truth"

Earth Wisdom herbals-"provides the various means to enhance personal empowerment and spiritual awareness"

Worldwide Web Connections-"marvelous site of global networking in myriad catagories"

KYGOM'S Links on Enlightenment-"a multitude of loving global spirits of light"

The Message-"please pay attention to this site! those who have "eyes" should see this"

Blenvenidos a la Pagina-"spanish transpersonal yoga"

Exploring the mandala-"magnificent creations of east meets west meets spirit"

Qumran-West-"a unique christian spiritual formation community"***

Radiatory and Kundalini Healing and Spiritual Transmissions-"potent site of radiatory and kundalini co-mingling"

Catherine Adams, Spiritual Reader/Healer Online Classes-"wonderfully uplifting energy on this site"

Home Page of Universal Light-"turkish group established in 1994 seeking to unite with other lightworkers"***

The Dolphin Circle-"incredible site containing dolphin alchemy; poetry, etc."

The Dancing Dolphin Institute-"come join me in a splendiferous journey to the land of "God 101"

The Golden Key-"it's sites such as this one, that makes all the effort it requires to create and maintain this directory worthwhile."

Beacons of Love and Light-"A spiritual link and high energy site."

Sojisans Spiritual Center-"rich in poetry, light, banter, spirit and spirituality."

Realm of Wolfhawk's Lady-"this is one of my favorites of all the wolf sites. Very remarkable and beautiful in quality and spirit."

Kirlian Bio-Energy Cameras-"overview of the science of kirlian photography; contains summaries of experiments, equipment and various image files. Maintained by Energy Works, manufacturer of Kirlian Bio-Energy Cameras."

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance-"provider of accurate data on various religions, they also seek to expose the baser forms of religious hatred."

Angelic Artistry-"a unique site of angelic inspirations"

About Living-"this is a very new site which combines the psychologicial with the spiritual in an even flowing fashion."

Beacons of Love and Light Links-"a variety of spiritual and metaphysical links"

Luxor Press-"wonderful publisher of all types of metaphysical topics"

T he Earth Rainbow Network-"a coalition of a highly motivated network of co-creators and websites"

WWS Top Ten World Links-"their goal is to unite humanity and to teach how to live as one."

Wolfhawk's Den -"fantastic pro wolf/wolfdog site"

The Michael Runes-"for those who have a true understanding of the myriad forms which spirit utilizes to "speak" to mankind, you will not want to miss this site"

Wild Blue Yonder-"take a trip into the largest remaining mountain wilderness area, you won't regret it"

White Buffalo Society-"it is with great pleasure and my utmost respect, that I welcome this site!."

Johnson Designs Originals-"original handcrafted walking sticks, deco eggs and other beautiful creations."

Wolves On The Web-"this site personifies the nature-the reality of the wolf-in honest, loving fashion. If you are interested in truth then visit this website."

The Gentle Mystic's Guide to The Spiritual Path-"This new site covers an array of spiritual tools and offers excellent insight on all matters of spirit."

The Woof Zone-"delightful and humorous news of spirit and animals, yet quite serious as well."

Dolphin Sunrise Network-"this is a place to play, dream, expand and learn."

Initiatics and Spiritual Attunements-"attunements for spiritual awakening and for those who have awakened."

Universal One Foundation-"a beautiful integration of the microcosmic with the macrocosmic."

Native American Child Organization-"it's about time someone is publically working towards aid to the children."

Cultural Expressions-"I love this site! Explore the african heritage converging with the Divine in all aspects of God."

Center Of Light And Serenity

........Due to the increased demands on my other web sites, I no longer have the time to write my impression of the web sites listed however, I do continue to check each one for it's integrity and content before a site is accepted...

Madhurn's Blisslist

Celestial Tapes

Altered State Inducing Music/Jim Donovan Music

Children Of The Law Of One

Witches Of The West

The Path

Life Color Mandallas

Institute For Astrolnergetic Studies


The Wisdom Of Jesus

Enter Into The Mystery Of Being

The Light Matrix

Unifying Fields

The Temple Of Truth

The Circle Of Light Of Lady Isis

The hOMe Foundation

Astrology 101

Prosperity And Abundance Website

Project Y The Library For Your Paranormal Experiences

Project X-The Search For The Chosen Ones

Life Now Books and Sound Shop

Point Of Life


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