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Blue Star's Spiritual Counselors Of The Third Millennium

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What sets us apart from other counseling lines: our spiritual/psychic counseling agency is completely staffed by non-denominational ordained ministers. Each counselor has been thoroughly tested by our accreditation board as to his/her spiritual/psychic ability; the quality of the readings; a non-biased evaluation of their integrity and the accuracy of the counselor's information.

The accreditation baord is comprised of various healers, spiritual transformationlists and philosophy/theology teachers.

Each member of this board is also an extraordinary spiritual/psychic.This is NOT a 900#. We do NOT give out "lucky numbers." Our counselors are located throughout the united states, but are available only by telephone.

We accept only serious callers. If you are seeking "fairy tale readings," then please do not call. For those seeking our assistance, you may choose from: Clairvoyants, Numerologists, Tarot, Runes, Spirit guide teachings, Past Life readings, Destiny readings. Our fee is $2.50 per minute with a 15 minute minimum required time. Clients may schedule longer consults if they choose. All sessions are payable by visa and master card only. Due to the increase of clients seeking to speak to more than one counselor, the counselors themselves have developed a technique of "counselor conference calls." Clients who prefer this method would be able to speak to two counselors at the same time by calling an 800# at a pre-set time. The minimum consult time is 30 minutes. The fee for this type of service is $4.50 per minute.

This entails less cost than it would be to speak for one half hour to counselors at different times. It also provides a marvelous opportunity for the clients to garner in-depth information from more than one source. Call our toll free number to schedule whichever type of consult you prefer and for credit card clearance. 1-888-634-6202. Our hours of service are from 10am to 10pm central standard time. We are available daily and on weekends.We are closed Oct 31, OUR SERVICES ARE NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.

Counselors Wishes For Humanity

Knowledge Of Self
Acceptance Of All Others
Unconditional Love For ALL Races
Desire To Evolve
Willingness To Trust


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